Programs For All Levels

At Absolute Health And Wellness our goal is to provide our clients with a total body experience. We do that via training that makes you more knowledgeable and resilient. We offer massage therapy programs that help you relax, ease tension, and recover from daily stressors. We further offer nutrition services that aide in recovery and assist in the practice of absolute health and wellness.

Personal Training

Personal Training should be just that, personal. Although a single program can be used for novice trainees with the same goal, those novice trainees also may have compensations in their movement, a previous or lingering injury, etc. that forces their program needs to be different.

Our coaches at Absolute Health and Wellness all have the same goal which is helping you reach yours. But, all of our coaches have slightly different backgrounds that brought them to this field.

With that being said, we want you to understand that each coach designs their own programming based upon you, the indivual. Each coach is committed to your success whether you’re training with them specifically or not.

You will become more knowledgeable, resilient and independent as you and your coach builds and maintains a rapport.

Massage Therapy

Massage can be defined as manipulation of soft tissues. Massage therapists can use a multitude of techniques and devices in order to facilitate this manipulation with intent to improve the clients quality of life, whether it be mentally or physically.

As of now, the techniques we are equipped to use at Absolute Health and Wellness include Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release & Reflexology and Pre-Natal Massage upon request.

Nutritious Meal Prep

Our Juice Bar services are provided by Revive Smoothie Shack and Dream Nutrition. By far the best healthy shakes and teas in the area! Options are all designed to fill you up while helping you lose or gain the weight you desire in a healthy yet tasty way. Our Revive affiliate also provides exceptional meal-prep services that are guaranteed to assist you in your goals towards living a healthier lifestyle in a most pleasant fashion.